Who We Are

Our Mission

To empower individual givers to support their communities in caring for those in need.

Who We Are

United Way is a movement that began as a community fund in Denver in 1887 to help families who were falling on hard times in the Old West. Today there are 1,400 United Way organizations across the USA. Each United Way is an independent, autonomous, locally governed entity serving its local area. The United Way of Umatilla and Morrow Counties was created and incorporated in 1953. For more than 60 years we have helped fund local health and human service programs and have advocated for volunteering and voluntary giving through workplace payroll deduction programs.

What We Do

United Way brings together community resources to focus on key problems and issues that Umatilla and Morrow County residents face and invests in solutions to those problems. Through over 50 local health and human service agencies, United Way's partnership connects the community to ensure people find the help they need.

United Way Supports Local Programs and Services

It's United Way time again. A once a year campaign to fund local programs and services that help build successful kids, help elders and disabled folks live independently, and provide food baskets and other basic needs assistance.

United Way was originally developed as a "Once a year - One stop giving" opportunity so that workplaces were not constantly being asked for donations by lots of different non-profits. United Way’s sole purpose is to give local employees a simple, effective way to donate their charitable dollars to local programs and services. The payroll deduction option enables people to give easily, and the donor designation option allows each donor to specify the program or service they want to support.

In this day of scams and fraud, United Way offers peace of mind to donors, because we do all the work in determining whether or not organizations are non-profits in good standing before funds are sent. Should an organization not pass muster, the donor would be notified and have the opportunity to change their designation.

United Way itself is held to very strict standards through outside bookkeeping, annual audits, and monthly review of financial statements.

United Way is here to make everyone’s load lighter, and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to give. No pressure, no obligation, no guilt, just an opportunity.to take advantage of an easy way to support nonprofit programs and services in your community.

Thank you to the many people who have donated year after year, please encourage those around you to give, too, so these programs will continue to thrive and be available in our community.

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