Your Support Makes a Difference - Here's How!

Direct Quotes From Campus Life Participants

“Before I came to Campus Life, I was in the wrong crowd.  I was drinking and smoking weed.  What started with me simply playing basketball at the youth center has now helped me to quit drinking and smoking, strengthened my relationship with Christ, and find the purpose the Lord has planned for me.”

“Coming from a broken home, I was used to doing everything on my own, but Campus Life showed me a way to live for something greater than myself.”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $280 given through your United Way will provide one month of mentoring and drug & alcohol free activities for 10 at-risk teens.)

Direct Quotes From Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation Clients

“What the treatment at EOAF and their Child Development Program has done for me is given me the confidence to continue building my self-esteem and in return I have the privilege of having my children with me here in treatment.  It is teaching my children as well as me the importance of consistency in our lives and in my parenting.”

“EOAF has reopened doors that I have closed in my addiction.  The guidance and patience are allowing me to get my life back in order while having my children with me in treatment, which is a huge blessing, and keeps me moving forward in treatment.”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $125 given through your United Way will provide one day of housing, meals and care for one child whose parent is in residential alcohol and drug treatment.)

Direct Quotes From Teachers About Foster Grandparents

“Students get to interact with a mature adult, and in our case, a Foster Grandparent that reflects their culture.”  (Delta Colbray, teacher at Sunset Elementary)

“Our Foster Grandparent has high expectations for the students’ academic success and works hard to help them achieve it.  He builds positive relationships with them, which helps their overall growth and development.”  (Lisa Cope, teacher at Washington Elementary)

(DID YOU KNOW?  $200 given through your United Way will provide 75 hours of Foster Grandparent service in classrooms.)

Direct Quotes From Food Box Recipients at Outreach Food Bank

“We only had two cans of corn and two cans of bean left on our shelves.  Thank you for your help today, I didn’t know where else to turn.”

“Groceries seem to have gone up a lot and our food stamps just don’t cover our needs.  When I came here today, I was desperate for help.  Thank you for this great food box!”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $100 given through your United Way will feed 50 people for 3-5 days.)

Direct Quotes From Lost & Found Youth Outreach Participants

“I like coming to Lost & Found because it gives me time to vent without judgement and I get support from all the people in the group, which is cool because I don’t get hardly any support at home.”

“People at Lost & Found treat me with respect and I can speak openly about anything.  I really feel safe here, and have learned to respect others.”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $350 given through your United Way pays for activities, mentoring & support for the entire year for 5 at-risk teens.)

Direct Quotes From Food Box Recipients at the Stanfield Food Basket

“Without the help of this food bank, I personally know 7 people, including two children that are 9 and 11 years old, who would go without several meals each month.  We so appreciate all the volunteer hours, food donations, and funding that people give you to help people like us who are struggling.”

“Even though I am working, we wouldn’t be able to get through the month if it wasn’t for this food bank.  Food prices keep going up, and after our bills are paid the food bank becomes our lifeline.”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $100 given through your United Way will provide a family of five with meals for 4-5 days.)

Direct Quotes From Domestic Violence Services' Clients

“I greatly appreciate this program.  I am thankful for the awareness of my actions and the ability to identify the warning signs to help in the future to not continue making bad decisions that result in violent relationships and situations.  I am confident that applying the tools learned will benefit my and life and future choices.”

“The groups in shelter have opened my eyes enough that I no longer am blind to the domestic violence and abuse going on in my life.  Thank you!”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $118 given through your United Way provides one night of safe shelter for a victim and her children.)

Direct Quotes From Guests at the Salvation Army's Hot Meal Program

“I come not only for the meal to stretch my food budget, but also for the fellowship.  I have met some good people who have made my life richer.”

“I have found good food, understanding, and caring people at these meals.  Thank you!”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $250 given through your United Way will provide 100 hot meals to homeless, low income, lonely, or fixed income people.)

Direct Quotes From Boardman Senior Center Participants

“This is a wonderful way to meet new people, eat a nourishing meal, make our fixed income stretch, and feel useful in our community by volunteering.”

“Our age and mobility make it difficult for us to socialize as we’ve gotten older, so we really enjoy visiting with people at the Senior Center that we might not see any other time. There are a lot of people here who would be very isolated if not for this place.”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $100 given through your United Way will provide the entrée for one senior meal.)

Direct Quotes From CAPECO's Money Management Program Participants

‘Thank you for helping my mother (who has dementia) with her finances!  It had become such a strain on our family as she had started accusing me of stealing her money. It is so nice just to be her daughter again.”

“My bills had become so confusing and I was missing payments so my utilities were getting shut off.  I just couldn’t get it straightened out!  Your program helped me to organize my bills, start some automatic payments, and assisted me in making payment arrangements with some creditors.  This help has allowed me to continue to handle my own money and has reduced my stress!  I actually look forward to our monthly meetings!”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $120 given through your United Way provides 10 individuals with one hour of one on one financial counseling.)

Direct Quotes From Hermiston Senior Center Participants

“I have been attending the meals regularly since my husband passed away.  I’m branching out and doing new things.  I love it.  I love all the people here, and have from day one.  It really is a blessing to come here.”

“My mother was a longtime volunteer from the time the Senior Center first opened.  At age 100 we continue to take her on Tuesdays and Thursdays for meals.  We find the center a great way for seniors to socialize, as well as eat a nutritious meal.  Many of the seniors look forward to meeting their friends in a warm and loving atmosphere.  The Senior Center has been a huge benefit to the Hermiston community!”

(DID YOU KNOW?  $450 given through your United Way provides one month’s worth of meals for 10 people.)

Direct Quotes About Senior Companion Volunteers

“Jean does a completely awesome job with her clients, and provides valuable assistance to several seniors in our community.” Virginia Carnes, Mayor of Pilot Rock

“I find Theresa to be a caring person who is aware of the needs of others.  She is friendly and punctual and provides much needed services.”  Marjorie Sharkle, Director of the Boardman Senior Center.

(DID YOU KNOW?  $400 given through your United Way will provide 151 hours of service to help seniors live independently longer.)