Announcing Great Reasons to Give to United Way

Payroll Deduction

Only United Way offers payroll deduction to help you support local health and human service organizations all year round. (We also accept credit and debit card donations which most agencies cannot process.) Can you afford to write a check for $100 or $300 or $500 to support a charity right now? Most folks can’t. But, payroll deduction makes it easy to give. Payroll deduction: $20, $15, $10 or $5 per pay period is painless! By giving the equivalent of what you might spend on a couple latte's or snacks each pay period, you can make a big difference for someone else.  You will be supporting local families who need your help.

All Donations Stay Right Here

Unless YOU designate your donation to a charity outside of Umatilla or Morrow County, your money stays right here working locally all year long.

United Way Citizen Review Process

Do you know for sure what the non-profit agencies in your community are doing every day of the year? How many families they are serving? What do their expenses look like? Where does their money come from? Who’s on their board making important decisions? Whether or not the organization is well managed? Does the agency have enough volunteers?

United Way community investment volunteers know! They visit each agency, pour over the financial information, assess programs and staffing, interview key agency representatives and determine how much funding each agency receives. If an agency is weak in one area or another, they work with that agency to strengthen it.

You may not have time to do this. But 30 United Way volunteers, representing you and other United Way donors, work many hours to give you the assurance that your donations area really being put to good use.