Eagle Scout Signage Project

Release Date: 

Alden Wyland of Pendleton is working toward the rank of Eagle Scout. He chose the United Way signage and landscaping as his community project. Up till now, the United Way of Umatilla & Morrow Counties has been without sufficient signage so folks can find our office. Thanks to Alden, that’s no longer the case!

Project participants include:

  • John Wilson
  • Trevor Wilson
  • Alec Wyland
  • Rhonda Wyland
  • Arin Wyland
  • Alden Wyland-scout
  • Zach Byrd-scout
  • Deidre Byrd
  • Ryan Townsend-scout
  • Wes Terry-scout
  • Justin Terry
  • Daniel Terry-scout
  • Andrew Terry-scout
  • Jim Terry
  • Anna Terry
  • Mike Thompson
  • Jacob Thompson

Companies who assisted with the project include:

  • McLaughlin’s Landscaping
  • Pendleton Ready Mix
  • Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton
  • Signs Plus of Hermiston
  • St. Anthony Hospital
  • Wyland Ranches