Your Support Makes a Difference - Here's How!

Florencia's Story

Florencia lost her four children because of her drug abuse.  She has completely turned her life around and now has her children back.

She did this by going through a United Way supported alcohol and drug treatment center.  While still in treatment, she started working toward her GED.  After completing treatment, she continued on and earned her GED.  She is now attending BMCC full time with a 3.25 grade point average.

In addition to staying clean and sober and getting her children back, she has been hired by that same treatment center as a Parent Mentor to work with other addicted parents who’ve lost their children to the state.  She brings them hope and supports them through the process of becoming great parents in recovery.

Debbie Briscoe, DHS child welfare worker, said:

“The Florencia that I know today is not the person I knew four years ago.  She is now a wonderful parent, a successful college student, and very professional in her job.  Hard work paid off for her. She truly changed her life and in turn made a better life for her children. Florencia's strength and faith are rock solid.”

Jeffrey's Story

Jeffrey liked to get high.  He felt that it helped him get through the day and he didn’t think it affected his life negatively. 

After several incidents at work, Jeffrey lost his job. He continued to buy and use meth, and sort of ‘forgot to pay his rent’.  After manipulating the landlord for several months, he got evicted. 

He spent the next few months ‘couch surfing’ – staying with one friend, then another.

He started stealing from some of his friends to support his drug habit.  Before long, he’d pretty well burned most of his bridges. 

One night he got caught burglarizing a home, was arrested and wound up in jail.  Part of his sentence included 3 months in an intensive United Way supported treatment facility. 

Now, two years later Jeffrey is still clean & sober, holding down a job, and has an apartment.  He has paid back about half of the people he stole or borrowed money from.

Mehghan's Story

Now I want to tell you what 15 year old Meghan wrote: 

“If it wasn’t for a United Way program, I would be dead by now.  Since I can’t talk to anyone at home, the group is who I go to when I have problems.

“I was thinking about suicide, but the counselor and the rest of the group talked me through it.  I quit drinking and using meth over 8 months ago. 

Also, I used to cut myself, but I don’t even do that anymore.  My life is better now because of this program.”

Jim's Story

Jim lost his job and couldn’t make ends meet.  He swallowed his pride and asked a local food bank for help. 

Not only did they give Jim’s family enough food to get them through their rough patch, but they also directed him to other resources.

In the end, it was those other resources that helped Jim land another job.  Today, Jim and his wife volunteer at that food bank twice a month!

Linda's Story

Her mom’s new boyfriend treated Linda and her sister like dirt when their mom wasn’t around.  Linda’s mother wouldn’t believe the girls.

He kept getting meaner, so Linda’s sister went to live with their dad in another city.  Linda was a senior in high school and didn’t want to change schools, so she stayed here.

The school counselor helped Linda get into a program where she had a safe place to stay, could stay in school, and even learn some life skills.

Linda graduated from high school, is working and making plans to attend BMCC.

She says without the help of a United Way supported agency, she probably would have wound up on the street.